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Change of season ceremony

In connection with the rhythm of Mother Nature

From time immemorial, it has always been a custom to celebrate important times throughout  the year and each season. It was customary to celebrate every equinox and solstice,  to inaugurate the change of each season. But our relationship with Nature has weakened  as a result of the materialist world.

The role of Agathia an English speaking officiant is to “re-enchant the meaning of life” by offering a ceremony and regaining contact with the seasons, and  living  fully any change  to be transformed and moved, to re-harmonize yourselves with  the rhythm of Nature therefore with your own nature.

Change of  season ceremony : dates along the year

  • March 21 : the clover day for spring equinox to leave behind the past and be reborn in a joy
  • May 1 : feast of love, couples and  conception of children
  • June 21 : fire feast of the summer solstice
  • August 4 : Harvest Festival
  • September 23 : crown arty of oak and apple trees for the  autumnal equinox
  • 31 October to 1 November : Death celebration
  • December 21: Mistletoe Day for winter solstice
  • February 2 :  Festival of Apple Knowledge

Any ceremony  can be an opportunity to bring your family to meet, share, for other events like weddings or funerals..

There are possibilities  to meet friends who have been lost for a long time, to organize a party for children, have a precious moment before a long trip, to support an important change in the family ....

Why not during your holidays in France ?

Follow the way of natural change inside and outside : contact Agathia an English speaking officiant in France

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