House blessing

The house is your third skin

It must be your intimate place , healthy, regenerating, relaxing, like a friend for happiness in everyday life.

Whether new or not, whether you are an owner or a tenant, this house is not neutral to your arrival, it has a story, even a  construction experience.

A time of celebration "House Blessing"  is offered so that it becomes yours, in this stage of your life.

Your officiant services:

Clean to remove passed energy that does not concern you with a series of gestures "in contact" with the Universe and your immediate environment. All these actions are simple and accessible to everyone

It is sometimes better to use also a Feng Shui service (the art of optimizing the universal energy in your home) or Geobiology (environmental influences), listen to the instructions from the sensitivity of your celebrant house blessing.

These celebration give to you real results the next days. You are guided but you actively participate in your own power to impregnate the home with  the intentions of the heart.

Allow about 2 hours to act outside and inside each room.

The festivities can take place the next day or a few days later  immediately begin to create a loving and joyful environment.

Your celebrant gives you informations in order  to maintain this new energy for a long time..

It’s also  adapted for the birthday of a house or a change inside the family

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