Welcome a baby in a few weeks

With the help of  the father and  family members,  if desired , the celebrant Agathia brings  support and  listening  .

You forget as adults, how this arrival is sometimes punctuated by fears, doubts, questions,needed contacts before birth.

A ceremony of mother blessing is created from the history of parents, their desire for a child, from the moment of conception, its context, also the experience of pregnancy.

It is beneficial to  the  baby and the parents, it offers a moment of communication that allows the birth to be lived differently: more awareness and contact, leaving more space for love and less suffering.

Agathia, an  English speaking officiant in France ,  will remind you of the essential and reassuring gestures to give your  child as soon as he leaves mom’s tummy after 9 months to look and find his parents.

She can continue her role as  benefactor by baptizing your child a few days or months later as a  spiritual godmother more.

To known more about the “Mother blessing ceremony” in France, contact Agathia


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