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Birth blessing with the 4 universal elements

To bless your child at home or in the nature

You are reading this page because for you it is essential to offer a baptism to your child solemnly and symbolically and to celebrate his(her) arrival in your life, in your family and in the world.

You prefer to let your child be free to choose himself or herself a future membership to a religion or not , however you still want to offer him the best beginning and a blessing as a sacred stage in his life.

Remember that it is highly desirable for your child to be baptized at the earliest  (up to 1 year) and as soon as the mother feels better. Plan a date with your officiant and all people who will be present, long before the birth.

The presentation ceremony to the elements: Fire, Water, Air and Earth

Agathia, as a spiritual officiant, creates for your child an universal and humanist naming and blessing ceremony, presenting him or her in this world and the planet Earth with the 4 elements of which we are all made, us humans. These elements are materialized in the 4 directions of the universe, the 4 seasons. and during the first 4 stages of your child's life.

She also considers the story of your couple, your family, your culture and your beliefs and values, your desire for this child and the context of conception, among others.

The rituals for baptism and blessing

  • introduce the child with  the 4 universal elements 
  • assign a first name then a secret and sacred name which protects, the reason for a baptism at the earliest
  • awaken the memory of his mission on Earth by gestures and words
  • offer to the baby symbolic objects for protection and create a “tartan”
  • bless him or her with honey ritual
  • associate  nature and animals to welcome him or her
  • ask help form the  guardian angels.

Agathia celebrant is glad to insert customs and uses of your family. She values all that has meaning for you. She  invites to actively participate :  you  parents, godparents called spiritual parents, closest relatives, considered in this baptism as members of a "clan community" in which  everyone has a role to play for the child.

For information, this form of baptism is inspired by Druidism, the Essene traditions (Yeshua community), Native American culture, including life philosophies and values that consider everyone as a divine being , free, independent, creative, able to love, part of a whole and universal one. READ NEWS : Values

The choice of the  location to baptize your child :

A home to start and end the ceremony, with a place outside, if possible in a natural aera where the 4 elements are visible,  beautiful, healthy and calm. Some ideas : in a forest, in a clearing, at the edge of a source or river, on a beach, a field of flowers, dare an unusual place even sacred !

A location of celebration will simply be delimited with decorative elements that you can make for yourself,  the opportunity to make a fire will be nice,  or awe can use a torch or a candle. we need a table for an autel and some objects .

The celebrant fee :

Agathia proposes a package from 150 euros (excluding travel expenses) for the creation of the ceremony and all the moments and exchanges necessary for its preparation, she will be present at the latest 2 hours before. Enjoy this price for one baptism or more !  think about brothers, sisters...

  Offer this precious gift to your child, he or she deserves !  

This form of baptism is also available to any adult who wants to celebrate a spiritual rebirth, even if, as a child, he had a religious celebration

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