Aude-Marine - Michael and sweet little Alizee  - 60 guests

Laic marriage and baptism ceremony

Castle Lassalle, under the shade of a large oak tree, overlooking a view of the sweet golden valleys of the Lot.....

had been arranged : a clothed altar, 2 beautiful gladioli and chairs arranged in a semi-circle. Despite the simplicity of the decoration, the ceremony was of rare intensity: the couple had thought deeply about the choice of texts and their meanings and offered a real and full act of presence for 1 hour. Young Miss Alizée, with her godfather and godmother, only 10 months old, delighted us with her innocent and joyful presence. A slight and caressing fresh wind mellowed this moment of celebration under a 34 degree sun ! Several intense and moving comments punctuated the ceremony. A dance, accompanied by Brazilian music, was improvised to end the ceremony.

Comments of the married couple :

This laïc ceremony made us live our union according to our wishes : it was personified, composed and marked with meaning. In addition, our families and friends were all touched at this time. Musical pieces during the two ceremonies (both the marriage and the baptism) were also highlights for us during which time we fully appreciated and lived the moment. The joint work on the projects of the ceremonies helped us to immerse ourselves in their conduct and content and thus live the moment more intensely. Thank you for your grace and your cheerfulness !

The opinion of the celebrant :

I confirm that the simplicity, the sincerity and the magic of that specific moment came together and produced surprising results. Many people confessed that the big oak had its share of contribution ! Although the naming ceremony was very simple as the parents had requested, it was lived as the last drop of blessing that this small, happy and united family needed .


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Celebrant Agathia

Brittany FRANCE and Creta GREECE

Celebrating in French – English - Italian



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