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Spiritual wedding ceremony with the 4 elements

This Australian family chose to celebrate their marriage in Aquitaine - France

after a one month journey in Europe, with the intention of finishing in Vietnam. After an introductory text, the couple played out four symbolic gestures for each elemen t: Earth, Water, Air and Fire, stating their most important wishes at every stage. Then it was time to baptize their sons. The ceremony took place late in the morning, just before a very happy and friendly meal at the restaurant on the beach, with the photographer. Total time both the wedding and the baptism : 1 h 30 

Comments of the married couple :

Thank you so much Agathia for making our wedding day so special, unique and  beautiful. We will never forget walking up to you on the beach, and our eldest son gasped and said “she looks like a princess”, and you did. The ceremony took place in a circle, decorated with shells, beach rocks and seaweed, and there was a gorgeous shrine and alter.. it looked so amazing. And the atmosphere was calm, peaceful and you led the ceremony with confidence and made us feel totally relaxed.The ceremony was exactly what we wanted & dreamed of, it was absolutely beautiful. The details that you went to, using the elements and making the ceremony so unique really made our day something we will remember forever.

The opinion of the celebrant :

I arrived beforehand to draw symbolic geometric shapes and individual signs on the beach for this family and to decorate them with items that I had previously found on the beach. The groom improvised a symbolic door, and also provided some musical recordings ! Even during the middle of the day, in the month of June (the day before it was raining cats and dogs!!! ) the weekenders had the decency to leave us the entire space we needed and it turned out to be an intimate and quiet moment, on a bright and sunny sun - Their children were heavily involved : they dug with us on the beach, walked in the shorebreak, brought wedding rings and blessed their parents at the end with rose petals. 


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Celebrant Agathia

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