To get married as celtic traditions

Druidism : celtic wedding ceremony 
France - 50 guests

A magical location to get married as celtic traditions on the “Basque” coast, on the edge of a wild cliff.

A young couple, Nestor and Catalina from Colombie, with 40 guests , wearing medieval attire. Riding horseback on the beach, a procession along a landscaped path with torches and goblins, an arch at the entrance to the ceremonial post, basins with water and flowers to define the ceremony circle .. Time: 1 h 30 with a Spanish translator, and Celtic music group El Gaitero from Madrid

Procedure of the celtic wedding :

Welcome text, statement of intent, invitation of deities and spirits of nature in the 4 cardinal points, a ritual with the active participation (gestures and invocations) of the guests and the bride and groom according to the 4 Elements : Earth, Water, Air and Fire, vows , promises and commitment : rings and handfasting (ribbons to wrists) + a jewel offered to each other, poetry, the sharing of bread and wine, final procession and blessings. Time of the ceremony : 1 h 30 

The opinion of the celebrant :

An original wedding as I would like to celebrate more often, a ceremony circle, elegance and many colors with fabrics and medieval attire, all enhanced by a sunset and celtic musicians, the magic of Mother Nature with the ocean operated in all its magnificence and also its simplicity

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Celebrant Agathia

Brittany FRANCE and Creta GREECE

Celebrating in French – English - Italian



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