Transition of death : other looks

Transition of death : other looks

Egyptians, Buddhists, Celts ...their philosophy

I want to share with you my research from here and there in the past and the present time, other views, beliefs, philosophies, about Death.

This article is for you, who are wondering, waiting to know more, looking for a meaning, , needing other points of view, opening your Spirit upon this mysterious passage to an "elsewhere".

As you have discovered my world of celebrant for all stages of life, you might feel my universal and humanistic approaches are tending to take you to visions that are wider, freer and quieter than those that our education, conditioning, references of society and collective thinking, lead us all towa one way or another.

Again, I invite you to be free to believe, to think , to choose,... how to live and die.

Kind regards. Agathia

In ancient Egypt,  death was called "birth" and required several days of funeral ceremonies for help "in passing." To reach paradise, it was necessary to avoid a final death in the afterlife, preserving the integrity of the deceased’s name and body. That's why Egyptians filled in the “sarcophagus”  with offerings to breath, to eat and objects of daily life, such as furniture and clothes.

For Africans, death is an extension of earthly life

Among the Greeks, a piece placed in the mouth or hand of the deceased used to pay “Charon” carrying the dead. Life couldn’t stop for death  : after his short time on Earth, humans wandered endlessly to Hades.

Buddhists have always approached death with a serene joy since Nirvana (the state of bliss achieved by the complete disappearance of the personality) which the deceased finds after his "short time on earth." They provide many essential  and simple rituals : the peaceful journey of the soul, a transfer of consciousness, a dignified death, forgiveness and cleansing, with pure actions after death, helping the deceased to transform deception and sadness into compassion .

In Hinduism, the eldest son of the gods offers a scoop of cooked rice and sesame seeds to allow the ghost of his father to go from limbo to a new life.

Given all the objects placed in the Celtic tombs, we can assume that  death was a preparation for another life, a new life. They believed in immortality.

It has been said that a man's life corresponds to a heartbeat in the universe.

"All beliefs are like the branches of a single tree"  Gandhi

Today more than  half of people living on our planet believe in reincarnation, a total of  3.5 billion people ! 

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