Divorce ceremony

Divorce ceremony

To end well

Since each stage of life is worth celebrating in my opinion, obviously the end of the passage of life in a relationship caused by a divorce also deserves a particular moment .

Life is a succession of beginnings and ends: every day the sun rises and every night it sets, the seasons show us that after the spring, full of life, the end of the cycle arrives: the winter, when everything dies.

In our relationship with the another person, it is inevitable that two beings will be separated physically, because life is impermanent and mobile and we are mortal.

Some people share their entire life together, others share only one day, one night, others will be committed and separated as divorcees.

The divorce ceremony takes place when the two partners are ready , when most of the negative emotions have been expressed (not repressed) such as anger or hatred, sadness, despair, grudge, resentment, ... to give way to acceptation and forgiveness.

Finish cleaning "what was" and become free from the past , which means, completely finishing the mourning process while being welcomingly accompanied and by practicing simple and liberating rituals (including cutting the attaching links)

Thank the road travelled together while coming across gifts and mistakes, full and empty moments, pleasures and pains. To testify all this to the witnesses, using a text created by the celebrant.

Wish each other…. a prosperous future road, to honor what each one chooses to live presently, with respect, to say goodbye or remain good friends, with symbolic acts

Celebrate this free choice with friends and relatives, reinstall the joy of life, hope, impetus to re-build a new stage

Please choose a neutral location, being surrounded by lovely nature is always better to take full advantage of all that is present.

Now, if one of you isn’t ready or doesn’t feel like participating, Agathia will offer a similar service with a symbolic alternative for the physically absent person.

The aim of Agathia : this date must be the memory of a re-birth.

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