Native American wedding ceremony

Native American wedding ceremony

Live an amazing path of awakening: liberating, transforming, creating

Two single beings (including divorcees or widowers) will pass through  4 major initiatory steps leading them to a new status: as a husband and a wife wishing to commit, celebrating the four cardinal points inside a circle, their attributes and meanings.

Important and particular points of such a ceremony:

It is an initiatory ceremony with transition rituals

The participation of the bride and the groom  is asked as is that of the guests and witnesses : as in the time of  preparation (to find and gather symbolic objects) as well as during the ceremony.

Many moments of sharing, donations and offerings punctuate this celebration as we are honoring Mother Nature.

Why in a circle ?

This celebration takes place inside a circle.

Native Americans say, "Anything that is made by the power of the Universe, "the Great Spirit" makes it in the form of a circle. The sky is circular, the earth is round, the stars as well. The wind in its greatest strength swirls, birds make their nests in a circle ... »  Their teepees are always placed in a circle.

The content of a Native American ceremony

In the great wheel of our Universe, the 4 cardinal points are positioned so that they are much more than simple directions indicated by a compass. They symbolize the 4 different ways to experience our lives, the 4 stages of our development, and also, in the context of a marriage, the 4 steps to a new stage and a new status.

Each cardinal point is associated with a time of day, a season, an animal, a plan (from physical to spiritual) and a phase of life (from conception to old age).

Before the wedding,  Agathia reminds you the fundamentals of these steps, which are essential and fair, according to the rhythms of the Earth.

During the celebration, you directly experience this transition,  you feel it, you make powerful symbolic gestures, you find  the pleasure of the Senses, you state your intentions and what you wish to commit, offer, receive and thank.

In her proposal, she includes the essential fundamental issues of Native American rites, nonetheless translated into a Western context, so that all is practicable,  simple and well received by all.

For whom is this particular wedding ?

This ceremony is, above all, appropriate for intimate weddings with a few close guests (from 2 to 40 people).

It can be well experienced by couples with emotional and spiritual maturity, comfortable with talking and acting in front of guests, with a minimum  number of close ones ready to participate and to  invest in this transition with them.

It also provides a good solution to couples who have already shared  a  long way,  who wish to renew their vows, after a great change: at the end of a crisis to build again , at the dawn of a new departure, or for an important spiritual stage...

It is not important whether or not you are close to the Native American culture and traditions :  your interest is about the initiatory aspect and the opportunity to celebrate an important time in your life. You are in a universal register in accordance with nature, which has no borders and no concept of time.

Where can you celebrate ?

This ceremony can take place outside only : it can be in a beautiful park or, better yet,  in  a forest, a beautiful, green area with nice views  or a beach.

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