Elven wedding with Agathia celebrant

The Elven wedding

In order to speak properly about Elves, I must introduce to you the "invisible" world, which is populated by beings from  several families manifested on various vibrational planes.

In the etheric plane, we find the Spirits of Nature, who have a separate existence in a dimension alongside ours. They have a body made of pure energy that only humans with a high vibrational  level (state of love, pure thoughts, kindness, hospitality and openness) can see, feel or hear ...

When they want to appear to us, they dig into our subconscious, planting an image as close as possible to what they are, therefore producing many different representations of Elves (for example: movie "The Hobbit")

Elves are very close to fairies and live in pine forests and around magical locations. They are very tall and  known to be very good archers. They are close to unicorns, they love music and often inspire artists.

If you want to invite Elves to your wedding, then you have to decorate the location of your ceremony, according to how you perceive them: and you will honor and charm  them to attract their presence.

 Your commitment will be rewarded with delight, refinement, a vibration of love and a very high level of joy.

Maybe you are someone who is able to believe in their existence or at least let your imagination and dreams join reality, even that which may be invisible to your eyes? In that case, you just have to  give yourself the occasion to live it ! And who knows? Perhaps you will hear their wonderful songs deep in your heart.

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