Element Air and Summer

Summer and South

The Native American Perspective

The 4 cardinal points represent for these people  very close to Mother Nature other than simple directions, they embody the 4 ways that we are invited to experience throughout the year

Here is the teaching that they send to you about the Summer associated with the South, at the time of the day midday and as animal of that season : the Butterfly

The South is associated with hospitality, all forms of social implications, mutual aid, sharing, cohesion with others

The South is also associated with the Air, the mediating element, symbolizing the relationship, and invites you to radiate by affirming with confidence and strength who you are. Don't you  say "free like the Air"?

Singing is part of your tools of radiation and relationship to each other. This explains the profusion of music festivals during the season

The animal totem of the Summer is the butterfly because it evokes a full realization: from egg to caterpillar, to chrysalis, the butterfly finally flies with grace no longer subjected to any heaviness and norm . Covered with multiple colors displaying all its inner riches rediscovered, it radiates in broad daylight.

So I wish you to be a beautiful butterfly day and night for this summer 2017 !

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