Simple rituals every day

How can daily rituals or actions can help you ?

What might they bring you that we do not already have ?

For decades, humans have gradually forgotten habits which allow them to regenerate themselves or just to live in harmony with the present. Practicing a ritual enables the Self to reconnect to the most sacred thing inside of you, to find its original strength, also known as "the wild side" which is eternal and merely asleep or left aside, and to let the magic of Life take you over.

Here I suggest a few simple actions to practice daily, of course the results will depend on the sensitivity of each person but repetition is essential ( I recommend 21 days in a row ) and then if it feels right you will go on naturally and it will become just as important as eating or sleeping.

Ritual in the morning : 

Thank life for every new day that is offered to you, say Hello to the Earth, the Ocean, the birds, to Love, etc ... everything that you appreciate.

Cleansing ritual :

In the shower, imagine that the water carries away a black film of your emotions, wounds, worries ... and think or say : "This water dusts off my body from the past and the old to leave it open for the present and new events of the day" and thank the Water and the Earth which will neutralize these negative energies.

Regeneration ritual  :

Immediately after sit up straight ( not leaning against the back of the chair) and imagine a tree : see its trunk, branches, foliage, fruit and flowers and then ask him to welcome you . Step inside and feel the tree, its

roots deep into the center of the Earth, which mingle with yours and bring the energy ( visualize it as red or brown ) back up to your heart (21 times) and then raise your arms and imagine the beneficial energies of Heaven dropping down into your heart (21 times).Feel your heart fill and expand , feel that you are a link between Heaven and Earth and all is going very well . Then,  thank the tree and earthly and heavenly energies that have come to visit you.

Or, if the sun is shining, open your arms and hands and breathe its rays and imagine they enter your body and you will become a Sun yourself and shine all day as well (breathe in and out 21 times each imagining that you are already radiating around you).

Prayer : 

Always favor the same location in your house and design a small altar (autel) to lay flowers or offerings with sticks and make it a habit to always pray there : always give thanks for everything that Life has already given you first and then recite a few lines such as "I also aspire to .......... or to the benefit of ........."

Start the day :

Control your first thoughts : they must always be positive, sing or dance for 10 minutes, realize that you are worthy , look at yourself in the mirror and say " I love you , have a nice day! "

Night ritual  :

 Before you go to sleep remember what you have received and what you have given during the day. Is it balanced ? And ask to receive through your dreams all the lessons, all the care , all the good contacts, all the rest that you need right now. and again ... give thanks.

I would be delighted to receive your feelings or questions ... I wish for you to become happier and happier and more serene thanks to these new habits !

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