A funeral ceremony for your pet

As you miss that wonderful pet when he leaves

How difficult it is to say goodbye,  and how to live the mourning ?

Agathia, English speaking funeral celebrant invites you to  celebrate peacefully and with gratitude the  death of your lovely pet

It is really important for every member of the family, particularly for children who  are very sensitive.

Otherwise the mourning pet can last long and remain painful. Often, they quickly ask you to adopt an other animal. Life goes on...

This  celebration is a real time of love to offer to your pet , which  has given you so much,  and  a memorable tribute to thank him.

You can do it in any place,  where it is possible , in the Nature or at home  (to provide 30 minutes minimum)

Agathia guides the whole family to live a simple meaningful funeral ceremony to remain in the heart for long.



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