Funeral ceremony : civil, spiritual, humanist

Agathia is a funeral officiant. She creates a funeral oration, a eulogy, for this being who has passed away, and proposes to provide a real moment to say "goodbye", and wish them " to have a good trip" before the official funeral service.

She also assists those who prefer to organize their own funerals, ease the burden of their families or decide what is best for them.

The funeral ceremony is built around the deceased's life, the better moments, it includes beliefs or values, convictions or cultural background, or anything that had meaning for him or her.

Thanks to her spiritual approach, Agathia also gives a support for the parting Soul, which according to her, really needs help to move on. Moreover, she can step in at three moments for specific actions:

Agathia suggest you to incorporate into your ceremony sounds that soothe, elevate and transform., with a singing partner, which uses either : Gong, crystal bowls, ....


At the funeral home, crematorium, cemetery, a chapel, or area chosen by the family. You have to speak with the services in charge of the "body". Even if it is in a chapel or a temple, the contents of the funeral ceremony will remain laïc or spiritual.

Please note : there is often a fee to use this room, so the celebration doesn’t usually exceed 30 minutes.


A package including:

The fee is set according to the time needed , your budget (negotiable). The first appointment on skype is free and allows you to decide if my service corresponds to your request.


Agathia gives you real support and reassurance precisely informing you all about the passage of death and the following. (Life after death). She transmits to you, with great simplicity, the relief of pain, messages you need to hear, words to calm you down. 

You may contact her in all confidence, she is available all year round, at any time, throughout France. She is reactive : most of the time, only 2 to 3 days are possible to prepare everything, but she can do it.

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