Ceremony in the woods

Agathia works in partnership with Carole Lemasson of Artemizia agency a creator decorator.

Colours :

Browns, oranges like ocher, dark green as in tree green, copper, antique gold, red.

During the day, the light undergrowth is screened, contrasting the effects of shadows of dense vegetation which naturally makes a more relaxing atmoshpere. Light colors (especially white) are more vibrant, shades of green (from almost yellow to dark green) will create a cameo that will allow different forms, leaves and shades.

Vegetation :

The moss that lines the ground, the branches like vines and dried leaves, ivy, ferns, mushrooms, wild berries, wild strawberries, thrush woods, wild hyacinth, ..and any flowers growing in the shade.

Items and materials :

Logs, roots, bark, pine, birch, copper, leather, stone, feathers, bird's nests, "Wooden Hut" mode.

Smooth or wrinkled velvet, multicolored ribbons to contrast ...

Symbols :

Wild animals living in the forest, like deer, birds of prey, water sources, the spirits of the forest like gnomes and goblins


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