The spiritual and blessing ceremony on the beach in Brittany

From 2021, only intimate weddings with close friends and relatives

Why choose to get married on a beach in France ?

You are lovers of the ocean or sea, this is the perfect setting to say "YES": majestic, magical, unique. Water is your element, you choose the strength and beauty of Gaia Female element of sight as a witness to your commitment. The 5 senses will be awakened by the sound of waves and seagulls, to the mild sea breeze, the scent of seaweed and the smell of salt ... Choose to have the sunrise feed you to the power of energy in the morning, or the beauty of the sunset colors and an atmosphere of "everything has been accomplished."

The content of a wedding beach ceremony

The ideal procedure, and to remain faithful to the ceremony of pagan origin, is to celebrate the marriage in a circle and standing. For a big wedding, you can sit

Which location for this ceremony in Brittany ?

A beach that offers plenty of space at low tide and flat sand. For weddings with a lot of guests, plan to seek special authorization if  structures will be used. In the Basque Country, in Brittany. Agathia can suggest lovely beaches. If you are dreaming for an other beach in France or foreign country, contact her too

Suggestion of suitable decorations :

It is simple because often all is already here ! Optional:

Options :

4 elements ceremony

Laic ceremony

Celtic ceremony

Contact your English speaking celebrant in France now to know more, without obligation, and let you guided by the magic of a meeting simply and joyfully

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