Laic,  humanist wedding ceremony in Brittany

Why do you want a no-religious ceremony ? a laïc blessing ?

For many people, a civil wedding at the town hall seems to go too fast and is only "civilian". Getting married in a church or in some religious fashion is a practice that is too different from who you are and your life and it doesn't mean anything (except, in some cases, for your family). However, you feel that this humanist commitment could take on great importance in your day, a unique moment, precious, unforgettable, moving and “sacred”.

With Agathia, an English speaking wedding celebrant,  enjoy that time and remain confident in the presence of a professional  who masters a course, a rhythm of a celebration fully respectful of your philosophy of life, values and beliefs. Fully personalized, making it a complete and thorough solution for all couples :

The content of the wedding ceremony :

Celebrations are usually seated, while a stand-up celebration may be used for smaller weddings.

Where can you celebrate ?

Anywhere ! At home, in nature, in the countryside, by the sea (Biarrtiz or other beach) or the edge of a lake or a river, in a clearing in the forest, in the mountains, in a cave, ruins, at the heart of a sacred site, a chapel or temple, in the garden of the castle of your venue...

Suggestion of suitable decorations:

The time of a laïc, humanist celebration :

It varies according to your wishes and the number of guests :  providing between  30 minutes to 1 h 
If you choose a religious ceremony which includes  your family, you can also provide an other  intimate ceremony on a different day. You can also associate a baptism, or an anniversary.

Your officiant wears a medieval dress or something more current, as you want...


Options :

4 elements ceremony

Beach wedding

 Contact this English speaking celebrant now to know more, without obligation, and let you guided by the magic of a meeting simply and joyfully . Here a video about her services

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