The spiritual ceremony with the 4 elements

From 2021, only intimate weddings with close friends and relatives

Why choose that spiritual blessing ?

You are very close to Nature without practice a religion, you have your beliefs, universal and humanistic values, in a spirit of unity. The shelter, protection, meaning that some find in a church or a temple, you find them in the heart of the Nature enjoying a tree, a river, an ocean, a sky ...

This ceremony proposed by Agathia, officiant in Brittany, has the advantage of being especially well accepted by all people without exception. Since it is based on what constitutes the Earth and all of us: the 4 universal elements. So young and old, children or adults, atheists and believers, all religions, cultures, origins combined, will find the way of unity without division or separation. Human beings together and present to celebrate an important event, yours ! This ceremony has the most succes !

This way to celebrate, which  calledl "in re-connection" with the universe and all that surrounds us "above and below", is very close to the spiritual ceremony on the beach, where the element Water is the most honored.

The contents of a “4 elements” wedding ceremony :

Sitting, standing or ambulatory, in a circle or not ... everything is possible depending on the number of guests and the space available.

Where can you celebrate that spiritual blessing ?

Anywhere! But outside is better in a natural location like a forest, beach, field, hilltop, cliff ... Also the gardens of your venue (castles offer prestigious spaces), your home, a sacred site ... Choose a space naturally beautiful and diverse, half shade half sun ,with trees, a fountain or spring, flowers, etc ... Everything there will be appreciated, similar to decorating a Christmas tree! Bejeweled Mother Nature!

Suggestion of suitable decorations for your wedding  :

Inside the area,  decorations with 4 items (one for each element) are thought of in terms of color, selected materials (density, shape, texture ...)You have to  find for 4 rituals simple objects,  ideas around the senses such as touch, taste, smell, hearing, visual pleasure are included.  All that is especially chosen  has only a symbolic value. 

Versions and options :

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