Fanny and Jessica - Mont de Marsan (40) - 80 guests

Wedding ceremony of two women in love

A different wedding, very nice and touching under a torrential rain ...

These ladies definitely chose the right day because there was no other way to do it without simbolizing the number "8", about completion, wholeness and balance ... These goddesses put quite a bit of time into the text as it was very important for them to remind us of the importance of civil marriage, the meaning of certain rituals and wedding rings. The participation of many people was indispensable to them, and the moment of sharing at the end of the ceremony pleased everyone. We were under shelter while enjoying the scents of the park, and then all this love, we woke up and shared the experience of the rain together. Read more about gay weddings

Comments of the married women :

Our relatives truly enjoyed the ceremony, original and moving, combining humor, serenity and generosity. They really felt the love present at that moment, a warm and soothing atmosphere. They all told us we had been recognized throughout the ceremony. For our part, we keep an unforgettable memory, full of emotion and love. A very nice moment, not at all stressful, but acutally quite moving. A simple ceremony, representing our image. We also appreciated receiving the book with the entire ceremony from Agathia ... We will preciously keep our sweet memories.

The opinion of the celebrant :

Water, or "Yin", which is the utmost feminine element in my opinion, is a very good omen. To marry two women is to be natural and in the presence of charm, grace, delicacy and rigor also with Fanny and Jessica. This request, at this time, is very rare but maybe this event will encourage future ones similar to this one!

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Celebrant Agathia

Brittany FRANCE and Creta GREECE

Celebrating in French – English - Italian



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