• Universal values of a English speaking celebrant in France
  • Sources of a celebrant in France
  • Universal values and philosophy of a French officiant
  • Initiation in Ancient Egypt
  • To be in love with Gaïa and all wonders of the Nature
  • Tarot is a real spiritual guide from Antique Egypt
  • Universal values of Agathia, a humanist and spiritual celebrant
  • Agathia learnt some rituals in Egypt, during 3 journeys

Universal values of a celebrant in France

Source – spiritual ways - treasures from the past – many beliefs

"I want to share with you through these different ways the explaination of  my universal approach, without any dogma, in “connection” "with Nature, the Cosmos, the riches of life. Here are my sources of inspiration for  creating ceremonies ...Agathia"


The pursuit of happiness and  the search for Meaning of Life: the consciousness of being at one with the All. I AM a being, not a person. I know where I come from,  why I am here and where I am going. I tend to act with the heart and not the mind. I seek harmony between the body / the soul / the spirit.


the Latin "religio" which connects people on a spiritual level  involving views about the divine, infinite, eternity. 


dru (power) wid (wisdom) the alliance of forces that tend to make the good even better and life more vibrant.

Druidry is a spiritual way. It is 2000 years old and still survives. It is free of dogma and a  fixed set of beliefs or practices. In this way, it avoids many of the problems of intolerance and bigotry that established religions have encountered.

Nature is the central point of their veneration: they consider it sacred or divine. Every element of nature is felt as a part of the great chain of life, without  supremacy bethween them.  Unlike other religions who believe that humanity occupies a central role in God's plan, the druid  design is systemic and holistic, and sees  humanity as a part of the great family of living beings.

The three objectives of the Druids:  they seek,  above all,  to develop in themselves the wisdom, creativity and love. A number of successive lives on earth, rather than one, give us the opportunity to fully develop these qualities in us.

The love of peace  :  they were and still are traditional conciliators, and still are. Druidic ceremonies often begin by offering peace to each cardinal direction

The Hereafter:  for the Druids, the world we see is not the only one that exists. They believe in the existence of the “afterlife”, a place where we go when we die. We can visit these realms in dreams, in meditation, in hypnosis, or during shamanic trance. Celtic mythology, which inspires Druidism is filled with descriptions of the beyond.

Their  message :

  • 1 - everyone has the duty to continue his spiritual quest as he has the breath of life
  • 2 -  it is never too late to live enlightenment giving a profound comprehension of truth!

They perform rituals to calendar solstices and equinoxes for their spiritual advancement and heal the Earth, the customs of celebration of life for births, weddings  and deaths.

The Essenes

means "waiting"

There have been several Essene communities but the most wellhnown  was a  small group of mystics in  Mount Carmel (Israel) in the Holy Land 2000 years ago who accompanied Jesus (Yeshua) in his messianic mission. Among them were: Hannah, Anna, Anna Marie, Mary Magdalene, Joseph Artihmatie, Joachim, Mariam, Mathias ..

They practiced rituals to raise their senses, purify their minds and bodies. Their spiritual way led them in turn to Egypt, Britain and Ireland, India, Greece, the Himalaya  mountains , Mont St Michel, among others ... in order to attend various initiations.

They maintained a strict ritual purity, they put their possessions in common, they worked hard, looking for  neither pleasure nor wealth, used a solar calendar, they had great quality of soul, kindness and openness of mind, a respect for life without such, they were healers, instructors. .. Their bloodline still exists. It is said that "Only those who are lovers of  truth and living close to their soul can approach them. '

CHARTER of the Essene Nation  (Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 18.)

Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion: this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief and freedom to manifest his religion or belief alone or in community with others and in public or private teaching, practice, worship and observance. '

Initiation in Ancient Egyp 

The foundation of this teaching was to find freedom through an opening of consciousness, stop suffering his life to be a master.

  • Deep knowledge of yourself
  • Purification of Being
  • Access to the laws of the Universe :  their use to transform (alchemy) and became Mage
  • Elimination of barriers between  mental and superego

Temples built along the  Nile until the Great Pyramids were places of initiation, and education (tombs in the Valley of the Kings): every step was a stage to self-realization. These  teachings date from  3500 years before "Christ"  and  said that “Christ” himself  followed  them .


in Tibetan means "turned inward" All  teachings have only one goal: to turn to the nature of mind, and to free us from the fear of death to help us live the truth of life. Becoming “Buddha” is finally becoming a real human being who has left the world of illusions.

You can  read  The book of life and death  from Sogyal Rinpoche : a spiritual masterpiece ! 


is a millennium  divination (its roots go back to Pythagoras) which is based on the principle that numbers influence our lives. We are born with numbers associated with our name or  birthday, numerology allows us to read the symbolic value of these numbers, to understand the meaning of our existence.


 is a true spiritual guide whose message is perceived through the symbolism of the cards. It has its origins in ancient Egypt in the game of Senet: it consists of 22 major arcana and minor arcana. Jodorowski’s cards would be the most faithful of original color.

They reveal their initiatory message (social, psychological, spiritual) depending on the level of each individual being. A whole life  would be  needed  to learn all their meanings !

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