• Spiritual baptism for adult : ceremony in France

Spiritual baptism for adult in Brittany France

To celebrate a spiritual rebirth, a new beginning in your adult life, a blessing with your relatives

You were baptized "as a child" according to religion which no  longer has meaning for you now or has become obvious to you,  as an adult,  to experience a spiritual celebration related to your beliefs and take action for a new stage in your life.

This is also an opportunity for you to change your first name or to give you a second "spiritual first name" (as used in  India and Australia, ...) which corresponds better to the person you are today .

The baptism for adults regenerates, leads to spiritual opening and helps you find your connection : Body - Soul - Spirit.

With your relatives and their blessing, you will register this in the Universe and share a sacred moment as a new beginning in your life.

At the time of the Essenes, the baptism was to be immersed in the water to be "cleansed" of your past and blessed before a new  goal  in your life.

Your English speaking officiant guides you to act  simple rituals around the four elements Earth, Water, Air, Fire.

The location of a spiritual baptism in Brittany

 You can experience this ceremony in the countryside, on a beach, in a forest, in your garden, in a sacred place, or any other equally valued place.

Now offer you this gift !


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