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  • Yourte rose, aux fruits pour célébrer votre mariage Tantrique
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  • Yourte blanche, votre temple romantique pour un mariage Tantrique
  • Décorer le temple pour un mariage Tantrique

The Tantric wedding ceremony in Brittany

Tantra is an Art of Love

I discovered Tantra through various training courses and I wish, as a celebrant, to offer an opportunity for couples on a path of enlightenment and openness of heart, to create and celebrate a sacred commitment

Tantra is not a religion, it engages a Spiritual dimension of Being. It is an Art of living and loving. Tantric practices involve, also, sexual aspects of a relationship with another, but it is not limited to this, as many people believe.

"Sexuality is not only the sex, the sex is the outer layer, deeper inside ... there is love, and deeper than that ... there is prayer, and even deeper inside ... there is the Divine". Citation from : « Love to the Divine consciousness " from Osho

The ceremony I propose to you , is the meeting between Shakti and Shiva celebrating and honoring the Divine inside them, their Yin and Yang dimensions, in a Spiritual experience that some, depending on their life process, will be able to feel the cosmic aspect.

What types of couples might me interested in a Tantric wedding ? At what stage in their lives…

Couples who have already experienced the Tantra or those who are ready to be initiated, those already married under civil or religious commitment, civil partnerships ... but usually people who have already embarked on a spiritual path (although after a initial contact on skype, we will listen to each other's feelings) in order to :

  • commit to and celebrate their love
  • celebrate an anniversary, meet after a crisis for a new beginning, an elopment to renew their vows, offer an "out of the ordinary" Valentine's day gift.
  • prepare before the conception of a child
  • start or continue a Tantric path

What about guests ?

You will be experimenting with an untraditional way of getting married, it is a commitment between two people and two souls, without needing an external recognition (civil, religious, family ..). It is a time to live in absolute privacy between a man and a woman. The only witnesses are the guardian angels and heavenly guides, the higher beings living inside us, the invisible beings of the 4 elements present at the ceremony location who may be answering to our invitation.

The content of the celebration of Tantric union

Your celebrant will accompany you to sow yourselves the seeds on a new way to discover and build. This is a pause in life to be lived deeply, an elopement to enlight your union and your Love

The content will not be written as in other ceremonies. This celebration is experienced with several symbolic acts, it is felt with hearts and bodies in a total presence and in connection with yourself and your loved one.

You will need : your hands, your eyes, your 5 Senses ! You will pronounce your vows. You will exchange your marital rings but other gifts can be selected with symbolic and personal value, such as offerings. You will have to collect some items for decoration and rituals, like candles, flowers, incense, fabrics, cushions, carpets, pictures, equipment for listening to music, ...

And what else ? Surprises ! And smiles, emotions, laughter and tears, soothing and feelings of gratitude, a new perception of you and your loved one, with gentleness, tenderness, respect, reverence ... for your greatest happiness

Plan for one hour but please understand that in this special break in your lives, the notion of time is lost, leaving the whole place to the magic and the truth of the present.

In which location ?

This ceremony takes place preferably in your home, or in Nature (a place where we won’t be bothered) at the edge of a river or in a forest or on the beach (in that case you can have a swim just before the celebration !). The morning sunrise is perfect. You can also enjoy a romantic getaway after booking a loving nest in a charming hotel, or perhaps in an unusual place: a tree house, a yurt, a forest cabin, ....

Preparing the area

This moment is part of the ceremony. The couple has to arrange the entire Sacred Temple where they will celebrate their wedding, to decorate and perfume it, to install everything that contributes to its' comfort, to feel secure and isolated from the outside for a moment in order to honor the inner world. 

The following of that day to celebrate "Your Love"

Agathia suggests to you to prepare a meal together in which the Senses will continue to be used, to savor and enjoy it in your Temple, to provide massage oils and incense for your Tantric honey moon ! To go into Nature to taste everything that has been awakened, to share it with the flowers, the trees, the land, the river water or the rain ! To breathe in the wind, to be fed by the sun, etc ... May this day be your gift to the Tantric woman and the Tantric man, reconnected together.

Could you ever imagine, dream, enjoy in advance, be delighted about the new couple to be born in this inner journey ?

If you are moved, touched, by reading this text, then listen and let what is hatching emerge. Then, talk now to your loved one !

Options :

4 elements ceremony

Celtic ceremony

Contact your English speaking celebrant in Brittany North West France now to know more, without obligation, and let you guided by the magic of a meeting simply and joyfully

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