Claire and Julian with their daughters Hannah and Julia 

Spiritual wedding ceremony with the 4 elements

This Irish family from Galway chose to celebrate their marriage near Biarritz (64) France

This very united and happy family combined a holiday and marriage celebration on the Basque coast (south west of France), on a beach near Biarritz.  Their ceremony was conducted on a beautiful August morning, with the active and joyful participation of their daughters creating an intimate celebration of the marriage of their parents .  The family's full and deep presence combined with the power and beauty of the ocean and their surroundings, created magical event at once solemn, joyful, intimate and profound.   At ease with the spiritual practices and connecting with Mother Nature, everyone was able to enjoy an hour long celebration of love and happiness

Comments of the married couple :

A truly magical day and the most beautiful location for a wedding.  Celebrante Agathia created a ceremony that embraced our thoughts and feelings perfectly. And, by having our daughters actively involved in the ceremony, our marriage was precisely the intimate, joyful and profoundly meaningful event we wanted it to be.   

The opinion of the celebrant :

Everything was natural and simple thanks to the freshness and innocence of their two daughters, but also the kindness and benevolence of this united and happy family. Lots of laughter, hobbling barefoot across the rockier areas of the beach into the sea and then soaking each other, the time of sharing the champagne - which sprayed everyone! I think that a lot of English and Irish people seek an intimacy and something different for their weddings and marriage - as do a lot of Australians and more and more people generally -  and it's my pleasure to fully agree with them !

Photograher : Nathalie Vergès


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