Simple wedding ceremony in Spain with men in kilts

Helen and Neil - Palacio de Miramar - San Sebastian (Spain) - 8 guests

A ceremony in English: simple and intimate, laic but original where the men were wearing kilts !

A peaceful location with a beautiful view of the bay

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Spiritual baptism in a French beach - Celebrant Agathia

A baptism on a beach on the Basque coast 

A spiritual baptism ceremony for two Australian children
Hugh and Eli (aged 3 and 1)

Inspired by « Essene rituals » with the 4 elements

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Sacred wedding celebration in France

Sacred celebration for a French-Chinese couple 50 guests  (Video) 

The wedding celebration in "Château de Brindos" Biarritz (64)

This couple with three children ....

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Celebrant Agathia

Brittany FRANCE and Creta GREECE

Celebrating in French – English - Italian



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