• To celebrate each stage of life : weddings, anniversaries, renowal of vows
  • Ceremonies and rituals for each event
  • A ceremony for Valentine day and new vows

Life events : engagement, renewal of vows....to celebrate each moment of your life in Brittany France


It serves as a solemn promise to get to know eachother, but also to honestly leave any link related to passed loves. The engagement is  a test of life together.

An intimate or festive celebration, as you wish, is prepared as a first event  before the major feast of the wedding.

Renewal of vows or wedding anniversaries

you are right !  1 year, 5 years, 10 years, 30 years , are important in the life of a couple

The more time goes by,  the more we need to celebrate it and renow your vows.

Offer yourself a ceremony to give meaning to this date, still wishing you the best, sharing  your love with friends and family, attesting your beautiful journey and why not ? giving  you the opportunity to express a novelty commitment !

For Valentine's day, wear your wedding clothes and live again the magic of your wedding day together with your family.

Also :

Spiritual adult Baptism 


Divorces / rebirth new life

I marry me


These are full-time presence, sharing with friends and family, also memories of emotions and great feelings, opportunities to thank the Life and the Source

Another events of life, an original idea, a specific desire ? Contact this  English speaking officiant for any idea else

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Celebrant Agathia

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