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Druidism and Celtic wedding

From 2021, only intimate weddings with close friends and relatives

Why not a celtic ceremony ?

You are passionate about the Celtic world and you feel close to the Druidic philosophy. Agathia  celebrant in Brittany doesn't plan on introducing herself as an "accomplished druid" but you share the same passion ! She also reveres Nature and considered it divine and sacred. She believes that everything has its place, a role and a purpose, meaning, and that the great chain of life is made up of humans, plants, animals, minerals, living and dead, both the visible and invisible worlds, but very real. And that the Divine is in everything.

The content of a celtic commitment - blessing :

  • A place with a logical sequence of arrivals and successive interventions, blessings, by relatives, bridesmaids and groomsmen,participation of children ...
  • The invocations to the Celtic deities, the spirits and ancestors
  • The position of 4 cardinal points inside the circle
  • Rituals with objects symbolizing qualities or vows such as nobility, fertility, abundance ...
  • Active participation of fathers and mothers and children in roles and specific actions
  • The sharing of bread and wine.

Which location for a celtic ceremony ?

The wedding ritual was traditionally held in front of the house of the bride and groom. Today, it is also practiced anywhere but mainly in the countryside, the forest is ideal.

Suggestions of suitable decorations :

  • A circle must be defined or you have already assigned one in a natural clearing
  • Objects to be prepared for rituals

This ceremony is very beautiful, to wear traditional cloths even better or to use coloured fabrics, it's cheaper. You can choose Celtic musician with harp, violin, strings, horns, whistles

The guests are normally seated, but often this ceremony is held with the guests standing. Nonetheless, always in a circle. 

Other choice 

4 elements ceremony

Beach wedding

Laic ceremony

Contact your English speaking celebrant in France,  now to know more, without obligation, and let you guided by the magic of a meeting simply and joyfully

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