To celebrate your event in a forest

The Nature gives us such a presence, pure energy, generosity, abundance, unconditional love

Let find again the simplicity and richness in her homes like a magic forest to celebrate an event of your life : a wedding, a baptism...

Imagine you in that forest...

  • walking  to a natural clearing with  7 trees forming a circle ,
  • with your feet on a wild grass,
  • majestic trees that surround you and offer sky foliage,
  • freshness of pure air on your face and the sound of wind in the trees,
  • the birds singing,
  • the sun  through the trees forming rays here and there,
  • the smell of wood, listening the birds and the river,
  • feeling  the spirits of Nature invisible but  there

natural decoration of flowers, ribbons, stones, wood,  ... cushions of many colors ...

As opportunities to make your ceremony so magical, out of the material world which is expensive without everlasting souvenirs  in your  heart and your soul, sharing a precious moment with your guests and the entire Universe.

Dare it : Mother Nature "Gaïa" awaits you and thanks you already  to honor her with  your presence



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Celebrant Agathia

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