Sounds for a laïc wedding

The Sounds : softness and power

For any ceremony or stage of life : a baptism, a wedding, an anniversary, a funeral ....

In all traditions, the sounds have always been part of the celebrations and rituals. They are primarily used to care for, transform, transmute and accompany the "stages" of life : mantras in India, Tibetan meditative bowls, aboriginal sounds, Native American songs, etc .... For alchemists, music is the Spirit of the world.

As part of laïc wedding ceremonies, the current tendency is to :

• Ask the DJ to play a few songs or music chosen by the couple (about 5/6 pieces)
• Invite one or more musicians, as close as possible in style to the couple : piano, guitar, violin, harp, jazz, gospel ..

These are often positive contributing factors which allow for moving and rich ceremonies.

Now I wish for you to discover another world of sounds from all countries emanating from handcrafted "intuitive" instruments which provide diversity and originality, but especially a purity of sound. 

They will wrap your ceremony with magic vibrations, often soothing and powerful. Their sounds bringing out emotions, smoothly, in intimacy, you (re)connect yourself to your « interior » world , to the Nature that surrounds you, to the invisible world. People who are more sensitive and used to being carried away will instantly make a beautiful trip to their interior and feel that everything is vibrating inside of them, their hearts becoming lighter, rejoicing. Others will be invited, through certain sounds that touch them, gradually finding again very pleasant sensations of serenity, calmness, joy ...

The sounds enter you smoothly and in harmony, they complete the text of the ceremony and punctuate all participations, they contribute to the depth and the intensity during your rituals, they sway and caress the best part inside of you.

Below is a list of these amazing instruments :

particularly suitable for the wedding ceremony with the 4 elements or the ceremony on the beach that I suggest to you


The Hapi Drum offers a soft, deep sound at the same time (of Chinese origin)
The Drum of the Ocean : impressive ! For couples who can't realize their dream  of getting married on the beach
Crystal bowls : a pure and long-lasting sound (Ether, Spirit)


Tibetan bowls : a harmony of sounds of great purity, penetrating and relaxing vibrations
Native American flutes (like Kanu or Newa) to let yourself be taken away, to travel. A definite must.
Hang (Swiss metallic instrument): a mixture of sounds between the harp and the xylophone.


The Koshi Terria wind chimes from the Eastern Pyrenees crystalline sound echo wonderfully, it's perfect for pure emotion, escape, purification
Native American drums : the rhythms, breathing and vibration of the Earth


The Koshi Ignis wind chimes from the Eastern Pyrenees : same as the Terria
The Gong (also Earth and Water): penetrating and powerful, its vibration penetrates the entire body and even remembers your skeleton ! You remember that you yourself are a musical instrument. A definite must.This bright and festive instrument has its place in any event, due to its sounds that soothe, elevate and transform. To listen

Some people create sounds by using only the elements , hitting the water with their hands, for example.

Below are some other instruments which have delightful sounds :

Bells - Cymbals- The Crystal Harp - The Pitch - Drums - Rain sticks - Maracas - The Banger

So are you interested ? Please, contact me and I will introduce to you 2 musicians,  for a package of 400 euros (to + travel expenses) 

Note that you can also associate a voice or songs, because these artists love to surprise and delight you. The world of the mind, intellect, reason, logic remains speechless !!!



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