Wedding anniversary in France

Wedding anniversary

Celebrating 20, 30 or 40 years together and renewing vows

 Sometimes I am consulted to celebrate or re-perform a wedding for couples who have already shared a long way together. After a period of 20 years together,  the "porcelain anniversary" is the most commonly celebrated wedding anniversary.

I accompany couples who  are often motivated for reasons such as :

  •  They got married quickly and simply in small groups, and soon became parents. Their children are older now and they wish to celebrate their relationship  with the whole family.
  • They wish to create an opportunity to get together with family, but also with friends and neighbors, and to celebrate the time they have spent together in the presence of everyone.
  • They want to strengthen their links before witnesses. They wish to declare that the adventure continue, to affirm that their feelings are still alive and to renew their vows.
  • They want to make new promises and ask the Universe for other opportunities to love, to implement projects that the building of a family may have impeded in the past.
  • The participation of children and even grand-children, witnesses and close friends is required to bless this new stage in their married life: a man and a woman, for another 20 years or more ! 

Other times to celebrate:

25th: (Silver Anniversary)

30th: (Pearl Anniversary)

40th: (Emerald Anniversary)


Or any other anniversary that may have meaning for you at a special stage in your lives together

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