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Wedding ceremony in France for same sex couples : Gay and Lesbian

Allow yourself an original gay wedding respecting your feelings ! Your celebrant is your guide to create the best ceremony or blessing for you, same sex couples, according to your values. Your story will be an inspiration to prepare a precious and unique marriage. Love has many faces !

Your officiant  proposes 2 services :

A personnalized ceremony or blessing, for couples of men or women :

For you a civil wedding at the town hall seems to go too fast and is only "civilian". you feel that this commitment could take on great importance in your day, a unique moment, precious, unforgettable, moving and “sacred”. One of you, or the couple, practice a religion and it is important for you to use during the ceremony your own values and beliefs. With Agathia, thanks to her spiritual and universal approach, you can do that. Read more : the laic ceremony

Agathia also suggests you to discover also an example of Gay ceremony with men and with women 

A spiritual ceremony - blessing with the 4 elements :

You are very close to Nature and your beliefs are universal and humanist , in a spirit of unity. The shelter, protection, meaning that some find in a church or a temple, you find them in the heart of the Nature enjoying a tree, a river, an ocean, a blue sky ...

Agathia guides you through a ceremony using the four Elements :  Earth, Water, Air and Fire .This ceremony has the advantage of being especially well accepted by all people without exception. Since it is based on what constitutes the Earth and all of us. Read more about this ceremony with the 4 elements ceremony

Note : for any ceremony, you have to get married in your country to obtain a legal/civil registration

Specific themes for same sex couples :

For couples of men

Highlighting your favorite sport - humor with atwist- a child’s dream - a movie theme  - the wine as a main theme – other cultures or countries

For couples of women

Focusing on sensuality , softness with colors, flowers, decoration- stages of commitment involving  the 5 senses :  sight, sound, smell, taste, tact – the Druid goddesses

Fee celebrant, officiant

A package is proposed including all necessary appointements (often on Skype), a questionnaire to fill out to begin the project, writing the ceremony in co-creation with the couple by email, suggestion for choosing the location to celebrate, ideas for the decoration, a presence during the preparation and the time to officiate your wedding, to remember a book and a certificate of marriage. The amount is a small percentage of  your  wedding budget : for such an important moment in your life ! 

The time of the ceremony varies according to your wishes and the number of guests : providing between  30 minutes and 1 h

Your officiant  wears a medieval dress or something modern, as you want

BOOKING: orders for 2016 are already in progress :  the months of June, July, August and September are requested first ... Book your celebratant soon enough as other providers

Same sex couples : find below other ideas of commitment

The ceremony on the beach

The celtic wedding

Other creations

Free extra service :
Agathia can recommand you freely others partners like photographer, videographer, florist, coordinator, DJ or musicians, hairdresser, for transport,....and give you French address of reception sites

Contact this English speaking celebrant South West France, first to know, without obligation, and you shall be guided by the magic of a meeting .. simply, joyfully and respecting your choice of Life. Here a video about her services

Visit also the page:  Pictures and comments of ceremonies from clients who trusted her

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