Decoration of the celtic wedding

Colours :

Crystal clear such as amethyst purple, rose quartz, onyx gray, orange amber.

Metallic colours tending toward copper, bronze, tin, iron.

The contrast between warm colors such as red-brown, mustard yellow, blood red and cool colors like cobalt blue, khaki green, purple.

Vegetation :

Thistle, boxwood, daisies, broom, holly, grapes, old roses, heather, chestnuts ... grapes, plums, pumpkins ...

Objects and Materials :

The great thrones, the chalice, the trees in May, living trees, pots, furniture or objects in metal and raw wood crosses, hair ornaments, pendants, rings, large capes, mineral stones like rock crystal, quartz, scrolls, manuscripts and calligraphy ...

Engraved or embossed ornaments, geometric shapes or spirals, inspired by nature, Irish motifs or from Brittany.

The ruins, doors, cave entrances

Velvet, thick canvas, wool, large, simple drapes, metal mesh, animal skins ...

Symbols :

The wolfs, dragons, birds of prey, horses, sheep, music and harp ...

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Celebrant Agathia

Brittany FRANCE and Creta GREECE

Celebrating in French – English - Italian



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