Ark and symbolism in laic wedding

The ark and its symbolism

Thought and research about the use of the Ark in the laic wedding ceremony

The symbolism of the best known ark is that of Noah, the navigation of the floodwaters containing all the elements necessary for the cyclical recovery. 

The Hebrew Ark Alliance is the pledge of divine protection and contains the essence of tradition.

The ark in the Christian tradition ensures the alliance of God and his people, this is the "church", the ark of salvation that protects you from sin, open to all to adress the world.

A mysterious characteristic has been preserved since the very beginning :

the Ark of the heart in your body (the Holy of Holies, place of transmutation from Human to Divine)

the image of the womb

the vase of alchemy

the case of knowledge

the principle of preservation and rebirth.

Considering the laïc ceremony as it is practiced today, claiming to be non-religious, this powerful and mysterious symbol of religion and ancient tradition is nevertheless maintained ! 

Doesn’t the human being keep in his heart, while evolving and transforming his spiritual beliefs and practices, the origin, the starting point ? The link with the divine and the sacred dimension ?

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