My mission as a celebrant

I chose five years ago  to be a celebrant / officiant

To live , to share the experience of the Sacred and without religion : yes it's independant !

To connect to our third dimension : the world of the Spirit, forgotten in our actual binary society

I try to  show again  that is  essential in a ceremony to let the place of  the Spirit to remind who you are: A body, a soul, a spirit

The body allows us to enter into a relationship with the world, your soul with others persons, your spirit with the divine, the source of all life


Eating, drinking, sleeping, working sports ... your body tells who you are ,  and you  are unique ! it shows your status  : what it's inside becomes outside


it seems  a vital energy, with all feelings, in the rational,  intellectual, psychological, artistic world The soul chooses a  body for a specific goal : to go up, to transform, to progress, and especially to  love  


Praying is the best way to honor it Lot of  people think you only can  pray  in a church, in a specific position, with a special person but it must be a  simpl act, in any place, and requiring joyful only

To pray is related to the existence and not to a belief

No to fight  with your "outside"  but to meety our "inside"  being. The first daily prayer practiced every day is to "breathe". As you breathe as you are in contact with the world and with yourself

That doesn't have a real presence during party or festival or feast, because it needs privacy without spectacular aspect

That requires the courage to receive  gifts of the life, to accept your vulnerability and to  leave the  worlds of the mind with :  "I Want, I Have, I need"

But the outside world always attract you !

For these reasons,  the time of a celebration or ceremony gives you a real  communion with yourself and your guests,  requiring a heart choice.

Do you know ? when you feel a great joy , you can be sure that you are in relationship with the Spirit

And now what about faith ?  I heard sometimes these words : I don't believe...". Having Faith is simply: just wanting something to be

"I can't prove it , but for me it's true and real . I want love , I want to succeed,  I want peace on other the Earth, I want to believe in me " Having  faith is to be seduced by an another reality, to be  "Inspired" by courage ,to have a  break to celebrate a special moment.

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Celebrant Agathia

Brittany FRANCE and Creta GREECE

Celebrating in French – English - Italian



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