Patricia and Damien from Dax in a forest (64) 10 guests

Celtic ceremony near a river and under the oak trees

Only the immediate family was present on a Sunday in July ...

in order to spend a special day in the countryside and enjoy a picnic lunch. The couple, after going through several chaotic days, arrived at the appointment in this magical and serene place that suited their passion for Celtic traditions : their 3 children were actively involved in the stage scenery and the full-circle ceremony in which four symbolic acts of commitment around the 4 elements took place peacefully and happily, to be able to enjoy, in the end, a very good « hydromel » (wine and honey tasting session). Everyone was wearing a nice Celtic costume for the event, even sweet little Amandine, their three-month old niece, was dressed up as a ladybug ! On a finishing note, a beautiful blue dragonfly came to greet the bride ....


Comments from the married couple :

We thank you for this magical ceremony with a proper celebration site and perfect content. You are a very professional and spiritual person, we experienced a very spiritual time, while respecting both our requests and the adaptation to the forest site. We are very satisfied with this original wedding and this beautiful ceremony.

The opinion of the celebrant :

When Patricia and Damien told me about their budget limitations, I convinced them to opt for a wilderness wedding with a pic-nic on Sunday, most appropriate, especially for their theme. Both of them are very passionate about medieval and Celtic traditions, which they quite enjoy. Due to some chaotic moments before their wedding, they didn’t spend too much time on the content of the ceremony but they trusted me and soon realized that everything was in order: I noticed that under these circumstances, the married couple were more present, attentive and willing to accept some possible surprises. I wish for them an easier and calmer life after this celebration.

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Celebrant Agathia

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