Stéphanie and Eddy - The Island of Rhodes, Greece - 30 guests

 A spiritual ceremony with the 4 elements

in a beautiful villa overlooking the Aegean Sea

A surprise destination for this wedding ! The guests received a "passport" from the Republic of Happiness for an appointment at the airport, heading to a "mystery island" from the "impatient fiancees" Stephanie and Eddy. The ceremony was also part of a mid-week surprise.  The bride, full of taste, imagination and happiness being able to live out her dream, was able to carry out fairy tale among lively colours, flavours,  joy and numerous Greek festivities. The ceremony lasted a full  hour with a presentation to the guests about what was to be expected followed by 10 passages and rituals for the couple to carry out, some with witnesses and relatives and the participation of their 6-year-old son Aydan. A guitar duo added a touch of gaiety and holiday atmosphere to the ceremony. A beautiful olive graced us with his presence.

Comments of the married  :

The ceremony took place just as we had dreamed and our guests were more than delighted. You are made for this job ! You know how to dose all the emotions that collide during this important moment and you have a naturalness that puts everyone at ease. The preparation for the big day was perfect up to and including the day when we met to clear up any last minute apprehensions. In short, you were able to offer us a ceremony beyond our expectations.

The opinion of the celebrant :

Aside from the pleasure of returning to Greece with its charms and such friendly people, I had the opportunity to create a complete ceremony, because the fiancees trusted in me, despite some fears due to unknown rituals for them: the location and the surroundings charmed me as did the quite exceptional connection with All that was there; I felt carried away, guided, powerful, and I even received a "sign", a beautiful silver scarab appeared briefly just at the end of ceremony (see my story with the Ancient Egypt). I also liked the elegance and the colors chosen by the bride and would like to thank Alexandra, the wedding planner from "Mariage en l’Air" who discovered this place and contributed to a most excellent result. Also Savvas Argirou the photographer for these beautiful images.

The Island of Rhodes (5 hours' flight from Paris) has had, for several years now, a very efficient infrastructure for organizing weddings and offers many advantages at very fair prices. Our  group of organisers is always available to welcome you with several different packages offered.


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Celebrant Agathia

Brittany FRANCE and Creta GREECE

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