During a ceremony : from plenty to empty time

I Share with you ...

To have, to get more, to become full, to maintain, to continue, to  give a financial value ... Here are some expectations of our ego, mind, personality,  adept of More !

But if happiness would expect the opposite? : To Give Up, to wait nothing, to live now, to  accept the ephemeral, the unknown and the fullness  be a great vaccum, a big hole,  ... So waiting has no sense anymore ! since all  is there or" anything" ... "I am just here now like I am "

The world  of the body needs to be full, the world  of the soul to feel,  the world of the Spirit to experiment vacuum. Do you remember these moments of inside silence so peaceful,  or these moments of intense emotion  needing no words, and  these states of grace  without concept of time ... When I have to explain what is divine and sacred, the words are obstacles, how can I  reduce the vastness, the indescribable, all that not referenced , in a box ? how can I compare two emotions, two feelings ?

Celebrating is to  live and not to specify, to  share  all comes from my center,   like  colors to be joined, to become a multitude of colors

In a ceremony that's time-sharing takes place if you had provided  it. A part of time inside an essential and memorable day without effervescency  and noises, not a plenty time,  but an empty time  !

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Celebrant Agathia

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