Helen and Neil - Palacio de Miramar - San Sebastian (Spain) - 8 guests

A ceremony in English: simple and intimate, laic but original where the men were wearing kilts !

A peaceful location with a beautiful view of the bay

Helen is Australian and Neil is form Scotland. They live in London and chose to get married in the company of four other couples in the public park of the castle. They stated their vows, then we proceeded to "handfasting" , to finish with a time of sharing with champagne and bread. Time : 30 minutes

The opinion of the celebrant :

This English-speaking couple is so cool ! When they contacted me, we were supposed to find a beach in San Sebastian in Spain, but the very eve of the wedding ! They were charmed by the castle and the person in charge of Parks and Gardens gave them the authorisation to do the ceremony in front of the bay. We were surrounded by tourists and weekenders : a circle was quickly formed (I suggested to them to keep the beers for later !) And 30 minutes after, we were totally present and ready to experience this beautiful moment. In the end, we finished up with an improvised dance session.

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Celebrant Agathia

Brittany FRANCE and Creta GREECE

Celebrating in French – English - Italian



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